How to get your mouth filled with powerful Testimonies.

I have come to understand that testimonies come by experience and not by explanation. Same as knowing God, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Hold on, I’ll tell you why. But first tell me, is it possible to share information about someone you do not know? How do you even know someone you’re not in … Continue reading How to get your mouth filled with powerful Testimonies.

A common mistake Christians Make

Many believers have limited testimonies to material blessings but really, testimonies are without walls. We have limited testimonies to the Works of God. Well, that also counts but my confusion is with how we are able to tell His works but can’t tell who He is. To me, the greatest testimony doesn’t come from God’s … Continue reading A common mistake Christians Make

(This is a powerful testimony of my cousin, do read and follow her blog, you will be blessed, she is really packed!) The pain may last for the night but JOY comes in the morning – MY STORY

Es La Vida

fb_img_1452432238800 A young me

I love the number three (3) particularly because I am a third born, my lucky number is three and it works magic for me. For my third blog post, I am sharing a very personal experience with you. The most difficult situation in my life yet, one that I healed from on 16th June, 2016 – thus 15 years after it happened. I acknowledge the fact that it is quite lengthy but endeavour to read. I am optimistic that it will bless your life.

Although I am a Fante from Assin Akrofuom and Anomabo both in the Central region, I was born and raised at Techiman in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana where my daddy worked as a Veterinary officer. Till date, that is my home – that is where my daddy built his house and I love to spend Christmas there with my family…

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