Today’s Fragrance:Growth In Christ II

"I am crucified with Christ." — Gal_2:20 The Lord Jesus Christ acted in what he did as a great public representative person and his dying upon the cross was the virtual dying of all his people. Then all his saints rendered unto justice what was due and made an expiation to divine vengeance for all … Continue reading Today’s Fragrance:Growth In Christ II

Today’s Fragrance: Growth In Christ I

"They go from strength to strength." — Psalm_84:7 They go from strength to strength. There are various renderings of these words, but all of them contain the idea of progress. Our own good translation of the authorized version is enough for us this morning. "They go from strength to strength." That is, they grow stronger … Continue reading Today’s Fragrance: Growth In Christ I


It is a beautiful week and we’re most grateful for the gift of life. Even as we go about our schedules, it is only expedient we take some minutes off to do some reflections. Below is something worth brooding over. Butterflies are beautiful. They are a sight to behold-especially the most colorful ones. But who … Continue reading Reflections:Transitions