Why you shouldn’t keep your Testimony to yourself… This has been explicitly captured in words by the Amazing Ama Serwaa. Read, and share your stories with us to save someone else’s life🙏
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This is my first blog post and it’s about testimony, I pray this piece bless you as you read.

What really comes in our mind whenever we hear the word TESTIMONY? Testimony comes in different forms, when you go to church and it’s time for testimony, you see a lot of ways people tell out their testimony (either by talking, singing, dancing and a lot). When I was a kid, I taught sharing of testimonies ain’t necessarily important, because sharing it alone will even make people jealous of you. But growing up, I have seen people write down their life time testimonies as an inspiration to others, and it’s indeed changing the life’s of others. So today on my first blog post i want to talk about the power of testimony and how  it can improve the life of others.

The scripture (Revelation 12:11) from the above picture teaches us that…

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