Unveiling The Number One Success Killer

Our last message revealed how God enthroned a sixteen year old as king over his people in Jerusalem and made him exceedingly strong! However, something happened and by that, his reign never reached the expected glorious end.

What would have ended as a beautiful and successful reign was cut off abruptly. And here is why…

(2 Chronicles 26:16)

But when he was strong his heart was lifted up, to his destruction, for he transgressed against the Lord his God by entering the temple of the Lord to a thing that was not meant for him to do,

burn incense on the altar of incense.

…and pride happened! Yes, pride reared its ugly head, replaced God and arrogantly took its reign on the throne of his heart. Wrecking and ruining his walk with God by erecting an iron curtain up against his closeness and intimacy with God thereby causing him to act in disobedience.

In the end…

2 Kings 15:5

Then the Lord struck the king, so that he was a leper until the day of his death; so he dwelt in an isolated house. And Jotham the king’s son was over the royal house, judging the people of the land.

Pride is a killer, a killer of great success it begins subtly and by the time you take notice you’re already down flat.

So take heed, be watchful and guard your heart because the fall of the mighty begins with pride and not a push.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. (James 4:10)





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