Walking in Wisdom

“And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.”Ephesians 5:18

Probably we’ve not carefully thought of the effects of alcohol in excess but it’s such a power tool for destruction! Scripture warns us not to be under its influence. This is because a person under the influence of alcohol is rendered incapable of discretion and sound judgment.

I’m quite sure we’ve had encounters directly and or indirectly with persons under alcohol influence. What we can attest to is the fact that even the most mild mannered person can verbally and physically strike out against others whether those people have wronged them or not.

There is a purpose for which we are being asked through God’s Word to rather be filled with the spirit. When we are filled with the Spirit, our weak flesh has no control over us and we will not live to gratify it’s desires. Just us alcohol, our flesh will only lead us into destruction once we follow its lead.

As alcohol will make filthy gutters look like comfortable beds leading you straight into it, the Spirit of the Lord leads you into all truth! The Spirit of of the Lord is unerring! When He leads us or when we’re under His influence, we never stray, danger and fear becomes far from us and we never miss our providential way!

With the Spirit of God incharge, everything we do is a 100% shot on target!

Alcohol in excess brings unto men destructive effects yet men go for it, this is yet another scheme of the enemy who comes but to steal, kill and destroy( John 10:10). Thank God we’re not ignorant of his devices!

Friends, why not be filled with the spirit of God, who will treat you with grace?

Be filled my dear friend, be filled with the Unerring Spirit of the living God!Be wise, choose wisdom and walk in it.




©Way To Life 2018

4 thoughts on “Walking in Wisdom

  1. Thanks for Sharing… The bible clearly states “wine is a mocker…” Prov. 20:1; It therefore expedient for a man who would follow God to stay away from it for he may never know if it will take one extra gulf or ten more glasses for him to be filled.
    Abstinence is always the best.

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