Today’s Fragrance: The Two Sides Of A Blessing

“Until the time that his word came to pass, The word of the Lord tested him”. Psalm 105:19

What has the Lord said about you that you are waiting for it to come to pass? You should know that before that word of the Lord comes fully into your life, it will first of all try you.

It will test you. It will see what your reactions are to battles. It will see if you are established in the Word and the revelation God has made available to you.

You might be going through tough times as you read this, but don’t you worry my dear friend, He is using that to train you before finally handing that blessing over to you. You only have to ensure that you get what He’s trying to teach you in this phase of life.

I have personally experienced it still experiencing. Abraham did, Jacob, Joseph and even Jesus was tried before His ministry began.

To Every blessing, there are two sides just as it is with every coin. Most often we think that God’s blessing protects us from tests but Just the opposite is true. With each blessing come temptations, tests and opposition.

As soon as God makes you stronger and multiplies your power and influence, you might as well brace yourself for the next wave of tests and battles.

Every victory and every success God gives will make others jealous, cause hatred, and invite opposition. Do you remember David and Saul?

The devil will also find out about your blessing and will make sure that your blessing becomes your headache but don’t be perturbed.

My bible tells me that through it all we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us!

I’m certain your bible speaks same in Romans 8:37

Remain a blessing!



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