Today’s Fragrance:Yearning For More

Moses understood something about the presence of God that even now some of us believers are still missing it. He knew God’s presence was the only thing that would carry them all the way through to the Promised Land.

He had the wisdom to realize that without the power and provision which comes from abiding in God’s presence, he might as well not even try to walk down the block, much less walk through the wilderness.

One thing I have noticed about the presence of God is that it whets your appetite for more. Spend a little time in God’s presence and soon you won’t be satisfied with just a little taste now and then. You will want more of the sweetness of His presence. More of His power. More of His glory. I believe That’s what happened to Moses.

Exodus 33:18:

And he [Moses] said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.

So Moses was no longer satisfied to fellowship with God from the middle of a dense cloud. After he had experienced a little of God’s glorious presence, he wanted more! He was saying, “Get this cloud out of the way, Lord! I want to see Your glory! I want to see Your face!”Did God reject Moses’ request and rebuke him for being so presumptuous?

No! This makes me know that God will always be just as eager for our fellowship as we are for His-even more so. It was God Who set Adam in the Garden to be able to enjoy close, intimate communion with Him. But It was man who put up the wall of separation between the two of them.

God has always and will always be want you close to fellowship with you, don’t draw back because of some sin that has already been atoned for with the precious blood of Jesus.

Come boldly to the throne room for the Blood of Jesus speaks on your behalf.

Thank you lord for the blood of Jesus that has cleaned us of all unrighteousness and restored back unto us your sweet presence.

Thank God for Jesus!!



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