Today’s Fragrance: The Prayer Of Faith

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.(James 5:15)

Prayer is basically the means through which the heavens responds to the supplications of men on earth. By this same means we get to communicate with the Creator, whom we call our Father and share fellowship with Him.

In as much as our Father wants the very best for us, we find ourselves in a world where the enemy is always waging war against the redeemed of God.

So there are times when there seems to be a stone wall In front of us and times when there are no feelings because we are so much overwhelmed by the happenings in and out of our lives . It gets to times when everything seems black as midnight, and there is nothing left, absolutely nothing.

In times like this, what you require to pray the prayer of faith is the devotion and confidence to believe that He will not fail and cannot fail. This confidence in God is everything!

Truth is, You will never get anywhere if you depend on your feelings. Feelings cloud your lens of faith making it impossible for you to see as the Word Of God requires. It makes you rely on your senses and circumstances instead of God.

Sad thing is feelings fade, die and lie but the Word Of God is the extreme opposite; enduring and fails not!

When confronted with hopeless dying situations, look at God instead because if you look at the situation you cannot pray the prayer of faith. You will be discouraged and forced to pray a prayer of doubt and unbelief, especially when impossible is largely printed all over the situation.

We must learn to keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, only He can bring back to life four days dead, buried and decayed situations!!

Is anyone sick? Your prayer of faith will not only deliver him from that sickness, but also cause his sins to be forgiven, setting him right with God.

Prayer of faith will do what murmuring can never do.

May God help us to get our eyes off the conditions and symptoms, no matter how bad they maybe and get them fastened on Him, so that we will be able to pray the prayer of faith in Jesus name, amen.

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