Today’s Fragrance: Which is Worth More; The world or Your Soul?

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? (Matthew 16:26)
MANY YEARS ago, the soul of man lost its way, the sense of direction was lost and so could be tossed by the wind in all directions. The soul was condemned due to sin and for that matter needed saving. Who would find the souls of condemned men worth saving? There was One.
He was willing to walk down the deadly path just to reclaim our lost glory back unto us. After Jesus paying the price with His precious blood to set man free, even though many have accepted the finished work of Jesus and living in it, there are still multitudes who place no value on their soul and to an extent what Christ did on the cross to liberate man.
Many have placed higher value on things that fade with time than the soul. If there is nothing special about the soul of man the Creator wouldn’t have given up His only begotten Son in exchange for them.
All things shall pass away, it is evident that some things that were trending some years ago are nowhere to be found today, the glory of those things faded with time and became unattractive to man. So man tossed it over for something new but the same way the old passed so shall the new.
Today for the pleasures of the world (temporary things) people give up their priceless asset(soul) for a short period of fame, money and things that will enable them live in comfort but for a while.
If you try to save the temporal comfort and security available here on earth for your life thereby neglecting the word of God(Jesus), the very word that made everything and holds everything in place you will miss the opportunity to enjoy the permanent life (eternal Life) which is a life in Jesus.
To conclude I ask, which is worth more to you, The world or your soul? Eternal life or eternal damnation?
May the good Lord have mercy on our souls in Jesus name.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Fragrance: Which is Worth More; The world or Your Soul?

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