Today’s Fragrance:Why Think That Way?

Scripture:Mark 8:13-21
You can actually have millions in your bank account and still starve. What we are looking at here is the bank account that God has created for us through Christ Jesus.
The disciples had experienced supernatural provision and were still having thoughts as though they had seen nothing. Right before their eyes they saw five loaves and two fishes multiplied to feed thousands and then earlier that day recorded in Mark 8, another with seven loaves yet their minds still wandered on lack. That baffled Jesus so He asked, “Why do you reason that you have no bread?” In other words, how is it that your mind thinks upon lack firstly when you live in and with supernatural abundance?
This teaches us something. Once you have tasted of supernatural supply you have lost the right to begin thought patterns with what you do not have. Because you have been exposed to a kingdom where supply does not lack there…and that is where all believers dwell. So in verse 21 Jesus comments, “How is it that you do not understand?”
The redeemed mind, again, ripples off the central thing – what did Jesus accomplish for us? Take the biggest problem you face and put it before the Lamb of God. He defeated every enemy not just for you but as you. Not only did He defeat it, He also humiliated it and put it all under the feet of redeemed people.
Most Christians starve to death, are afraid of witchcraft and demons and diseases…and death. But it ought not to be so. We have all things in Christ and seated together far above all powers in Him. How do you suffer lack amidst complete provision? How do you stay oppressed amidst total dominion over all powers?
Think right! Think Christ, the finished work and where He is seated now. Beloved, that is your position too. “The Lord is my shepherd therefore I lack nothing”.

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