Today’s Fragrance:Our Mind,God’s Canvas

Scriptures: Philippians 2:5; Ephesians 3:17-19

Our thought life is so vital because it drifts and explores what God says is true and in that exploration is the opportunity for faith to operate. Every place in your life that the love of God touches His presence comes in fullness.

God brings us into truth anytime His economy works the way it ought. We obey, we are blessed in rewards; we are humble, we get exalted in due time; we seek the kingdom first and all other things are added unto us. It is a mockery to question that one can obey God and not have a reward (whatsoever a man sows he reaps).

God prints his thoughts upon the minds of believers who yield to Him; who desire to know more of him and eventually discover what Jesus accomplished on the cross. Because based upon the work of Jesus, the birth and life of the redeemed is sure.

As we meditate on the Word of Christ we get revelation as our faith explores truth and we know who we are. That is why the devil keeps your mind occupied with lots of “seemingly” good stuff to keep you ignorant and make you tired. He (the devil) is very much pleased with your ignorance because upon that he preys upon “whom he may devour”.

When we know who Jesus is, we know who we are and when you know who you are in him you know the devil is a useless entity in this universe; powerless, defeated with no authority whatsoever over you! Know him (Jesus), therefore, to know yourself.

Stay blessed.

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