Today’s Fragrance: Take that step now and walk Back Home

“So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him. (Luke 15:20)

Many times we are motivated to try and move forward even if it takes crawling, when our legs give up on us due to weariness. For that’s the only way progress is assured. But do you also know that, in some situations, the only way up is to walk back?

The Account of the Prodigal son told by Jesus to His disciples reminds me so much of my actions while a child.

I remember that anytime I did something wrong that could merit me some lashes or worse still some form of humiliation,I never wished to go home. This is because my mum will openly share what I’ve done to anyone who wants to listen. How she manages to get to me by the latter…I always wished she lashed me instead. I dreaded those moments.

So, upon thinking of the humiliation and or the possible lashes I’d receive, it takes me forever to get home after school. One thing I learned through it is that, despite all the wrongs I did, the fact that I’m not home as I should be, leaves my mother worried. And by that, she looks on with eagerness just to see me show my small innocent face in shame. Then she sighs deeply showing her relieve and deals with me later…lol.

The point is, no matter how I misbehaved, I was still accepted home, all because I belonged with her.

 I can totally picture the prodigal son as he sinks in the sand of shame but still refuses to stay where he is. Mounting up courage he says to himself, “with the little energy I’ve got, I will move myself no matter the pace and no matter how long it takes till I get home.”

Points to note from this account

  1. From the very day the Prodigal Son Left home, His father looked on till he finally showed his face.
  2. The Father had nothing against his son even after what he did, but the son assumed He did.
  3. The very reason behind the son going back is because he was hungry, nevertheless that was of no importance to the father. Whether the son came out of hunger or maybe because he misses him. It did not matter at that moment because all he wanted at that point was for his son to be safe under his shelter, Home.

My dear friend, I can say that God isn’t bothered about why we decide to return home to Him, all he needs is the decision to turn back, because He will work on the rest once we get home.

The truth Is that, many of us went back home to God not because we wanted a relationship with Him at that moment, but because we saw God as a means to the end of our countless problems. But He still took us in anyways and as His word washed us daily, we see clearly Who He is and seek him genuinely from our hearts.

Whenever we fall, God expects us to rise up and own our fall, that is, to be responsible for our actions instead of fleeing. He wants for us to trace our steps back to Him. That way when He sees you He sees the man He made, the responsible man, not a coward, because the Spirit He gave us isn’t that of cowardice.

God understands our every need and situation. He knows the intent of our hearts and so whenever we attempt to boldly do something as tough as what the prodigal son did, without fear and even bracing ourselves for the unexpected, He appreciates our efforts and meets us at the point of need. And with a refreshing kiss and a heartwarming hug made in heaven He welcomes us home!

You see, God will always do things that exceeds our thoughts and imaginations, so my dear friend never place limitations on God’s Love.


Thank you Lord Jesus, for your loving kindness today and forever, i submit myself to you, reign in my life forever.

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