Today’s Fragrance: The Lost and Found

“In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.”(Luke 15:10)

I still wonder what it is that makes us, human beings most times leave the lots in search of the one thing we lost, and not settling until we’ve found that thing. The time, energy and resources that goes into our search causes us not to keep calm when finally, the lost is found and reunited with the lots to make things whole again.

Perhaps that has to do with our nature and how we were molded, I see this trait through scripture with regards to the Character of Our God, the one we call our Heavenly Father.

The Parable of the Lost Son, told by Jesus, reveals so much about how God deals and relates with us, His children, and to all human beings created in his image and likeness. Despite the fact that sin caused us to fall short of His glory, He never wishes for anyone of us to perish, the loving truth. So no matter the number of people He has home, when one falls out, He will rest not until he is found! And what great joy that brings in the heavens.

This parable holds bundles of love and plenty affection which cannot be overlooked. This passage reveals clearly that…

  1. God is always waiting in expectation to see us show our face and to see us head back home where we belong.
  2. God is deeply moved even amidst all the negative things we do, once we find the courage to walk back home to Him. He accepts us with joy.
  3. While we are far off from home not wanting to get home in fear of punishment or being condemned, He on the other hand, looks on with eagerness to see us again.
  4. God never stops pursuing us. While we run He chases after us until He finally gets our attention.

So in conclusion, don’t condemn yourself my dear, when God hasn’t even thought of doing so. However you are, if only you turn back, He will take you in.


Lord, i turn back to you today, for it is only in you that i have life, outside of you lies only death. Thank you for your great love shown me in Jesus name, amen.

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