Today’s Fragrance: Unstoppable Love.

Love without bounds, love beyond comprehension, Love without conditions is the Unstoppable love. It moves mountains, penetrates fortresses and shatters glass ceilings. None compares… this Love empowers!
I am reminded of the other day when David the king declared, “what I’m I that you are so mindful of”, this is one mystery even angels fail to fathom, why The Creator Cares so much about not just His creation but particularly human beings, a creature He can absolutely do without!
In Job chapter seven verse seventeen, scripture says that God examines us every morning and test us every moment. Meaning God knows explicitly that we fall short in so many ways, and that we go against him countless times even though we also try to obey Him. Yet He chooses to perfect us in His Son Jesus Christ. And when He looks at us, He sees not our fallen nature but the Christ in us!
You do remember Job, right? Even in his troubles he knew God was watching over him and that was the only reason why he found strength even in weakness.
My dear, allow me to serve you this reminder, if it is fading away in your heart and mind.
You are passionately and intimately loved by the Creator of the universe and on top of that He is your Father! See, there is no extent God wouldn’t go to ensure that you receive the very best in this life and the life hereafter.
Ha! This is too much Yes, but that’s the truth – the Creator cares so much about you that He knows from moment to moment how many hairs are on your head. But really Who actually cares about some hairs roaming on another’s head, Only the Creator!
There is a difference between counting and numbering. To me, Numbering is giving a unique identity to something just like the names given to people, places or things. God has given even your hair unique identities that at any point in time He knows exactly which one isn’t in place!
Isn’t this amazing? do you even have such time for yourself? Yet God the same God who runs the affairs of the entire universe still has time to do checks on you, even to the “unnecessary detail!” It is amazing to think that such insignificance in our eyes is so important to God.
When it comes to you, no detail is too small to escape God’s attention, no change misses His careful and loving eye. Let this knowledge of Him empower you as His Love does.
I confess, Lord, that I cannot understand how You can keep track of all the details of the creation as Your Word says You do. But You are God, and I am only human. Don’t let my weakness limit or weaken my faith in Your day-to-day involvement in my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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