Today’s Fragrance: Stepping into the Unknown

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

In my not too long a stay here on this earth, and also in my personal walk with God I have grown into knowing that certain prayers are just but a waste of time. We pray certain prayers because we lack insight(revelation). Why do I write these?

What ever we are called to do we are also equipped to do.

But for the fear of the unknown and what lies ahead we refuse to start until we have full details. For Lack of revelation, we keep praying for details to proceed when He has already given us the needed. What you so much desire is for God to lay out the entire blueprint from start to finish or even half way so that you can hit the road.

Well… My dear friend, I write to humbly tell you that if you’re still waiting for blueprints whiles He has already given you the needed to start, then you’d wait all your life.

If God were to give man full details on a task He has set for him to accomplish through Him, let’s be real here, will man even rely on God anymore? Man will begin to boast in his strengths, stealing God’s glory.

So, God will most often send you out without details but with a word. You are looking for a sentence but He gives you just a word. Yes! for that’s all you need and if you are bold and courageous to use what He gives you, you will arrive at the desired destination cheaply.

Now here lies the problem, we don’t like to wait and most importantly in this fast-paced technological era we find ourselves in, we want everything to be easy as logging into Facebook or WhatsApp and updating our status!

God isn’t ready to release all the details, it’s not as though He knows not, Hello… This is the Almighty God we are talking about, the one who knows the end right from the beginning. But What will be the use of our faith when we already have it all, why hope?

Taking a step into the unknown is a tough one per our makeup but that is why He said He hasn’t given us the Spirit of fear… He commands us to be Bold, trusting in Him fully to get us where He is sending us.

All the details needed is embedded in these words “I am with you always even unto the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20)

God leads us one step at a time, this means that you must remain connected to him at all times to receive supply, you step out of him and your supply is cut short.

Don’t let the what if’s limit you in 2018. Step out in Boldness!


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