Today’s Fragrance : It Is Finished! – Healing

“Surely he hath borne our grieves and carried our diseases” (Isa. 53:4)

Disease (dis-ease) simply is a discomfort, hence “sorrows” are sometimes translated as “diseases” in some renderings which are not wrong in every way of theology.

I have heard many Christians speak as if Christ’s lashes were for a show. It may interest you to know that one of the things really close to God’s heart is the health of His people and that rhythm resonates throughout the Scriptures beginning from the garden of Eden through the Israelites and then to us.

A healthy people are always a strong people and with sound mind too. Dare we say that Christ of the Father inflicts sickness or diseases upon His children, to punish them, to teach them a lesson? Then for which cause did Jesus take stroke upon stroke at the Roman scourge pole?

One of the most humbling scenes of the Bible to me is the stripe upon stripe received by our Lord at the hands of man, whom he came to save. That entire he received until all lashes were unleashed completely to the tearing of His flesh and you dare say He is not concerned of your health? Even when He fell at the strokes (poetic license), he rose up to take the full penalty for our healing (all of it) with you and I in mind. He bore the entire so called killer world known and unknown diseases in His body and finishing it all at the cross cried, “It is finished!”

This is amiable enough to rest your faith in Jesus for any disease that manifests in your flesh or one that does in a loved one. I would not, by His grace, forget this price paid for my healing to profess He does not want me healed or is punishing me for my sin. Which sin? The one He himself died for? Did you know that your sins, past, present and future are all forgiven in Christ? And that you are under the waterfall of His forgiveness daily?

Let us not be sin conscious towards sicknesses but rest our faith in His redemptive work.

This gift had been provided long before the world was an idea. This healing pearl is for God’s own glory that His children walk in health (3 Jn. 3:2). God’s plan for perfect health is available to all in Jesus Christ.

What of the believer who died of that cancer? Or the loved one that filled the grave and left the chair empty even though you prayed and prayed?

While none of these do negate the healing work of Christ, it is imperative for us to know that we have not all the answers but we know that God loves us in this fallen world and in the hereafter we would understand that it was all part of His perfect plan for our lives and those whom we love. Yet while we are at it let us know we have the power of life and death and the authority of the name of Jesus over every situation and miracles happen. It is all because of Jesus’ finished work.

Beloved, as we meditate on the healing of God for us and get to know we are not subject to the things of this world, we must speak and declare the promises of God for they are all in Him Yes and Amen for the work is finished!

Scripture reference: Isaiah 53:5; John 9:1-3

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