Lose Your Mind, Get Defeated!

Praise be to God for another week. We must do well not to take it for granted but rather be glad and rejoice in it.

This piece had a tendency of being a long one because it is a weightier matter. However, a good deal was made to keep it succinct. Kindly read and reflect on it.

The deadliest, fiercest, bloodiest and most intensive battles have always been fought not on land, neither have they been fought by the Greeks nor the Romans. These battles described above have been fought by men and women who are barely recognized because the fight, although places a great demand on the warrior remains unseen. It is such that it cannot be perceived by the physical senses. So obviously no one has been awarded a prize for fighting manfully and winning gloriously in this war.

I am talking of the WAR OF THE MIND. Many battlefields remain a historical site because in this present age even though wars do exist, they are not as ubiquitous as they used to be. It is however worthy to note that the battlefield of the mind is the ground mostly engaged.

In support of the fact that mind battles are indeed a great deal Jameson Frank said, “Our greatest battles are that with our own minds.” Let me share a story…

Allegedly, one William Lynch, a British slave owner in the West Indies was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach slave owners his methods of controlling slaves. You know, the slaves were hard to deal with so Lynch was sought for. In a letter purportedly to be from William Lynch, it explains amongst other things a simple yet diabolical method. A simple method that was supposed to put the “negro” slaves in constant fear and submission for about a 1000 years. I do not intend to do any exposition on the letter but some keywords are worth noting. He says,” KEEP THE BODY, TAKE THE MIND.” In other words, break the slaves’ will to resist. Through some diabolical means,  his methods was to get the slaves to be MENTALLY WEAK AND DEPENDENT ON THE MASTER yet PHYSICALLY STRONG. In effect, their physical strengths could be harnessed fully after the masters succeed in making weak their minds. Take time to read the letter; it is insightful.

Beloved, to every event there is a psychology. There is always a tow on the mind of an individual as a results of the things he/she goes through. This leads to the psychological makeup of the individual and it is ultimately seen in his/her attitude. Most of our predilections or disdain for somethings may be reflections of some events in time past. It is an interesting dynamic that irrespective of how heavily built your muscles are, even if you have the strength of a 100 ferocious lions if your mind is weak YOU ARE WEAK! and vice versa.

Our minds therefore remains a great asset that requires that we guard it with all diligence. Apart from the limitations mental duress places on an individual, it also affects people in our lives.

You will need your mind in your next relationship to make it work so don’t lose it with the previous one. You will need your mind to drive your new car and most importantly you’ll need your mind to enjoy all the blessings the Lord has for you so do not let some past failures cause you to lose your mind. Reflect on these….

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