Review: Tasha Cobbs Leonard Ft. Nicki Minaj – I’m Getting Ready.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard is getting ready for an overflow! The anointed vocalist and worship leader released her fourth album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit, this year 25th August. The songstress released prior this album a single, titled Great God. The single has already seen a review on my other website… Click here if you missed.

This post however, is two in one, an album and a song review. We will do well to come your way with 2 other hot picks from the album subsequently. Stay tuned.

Album Review

The album is themed around God’s grace, power, faith, hope and positive declarations.

For no particular reason I just wasn’t a fan of Tasha Cobbs, perhaps because I had not paid particular attention to her kind of music and all it entailed.

But when I paid attention to “break every chain” and “put a praise on it“? Mehn! I was struck with the Tasha fever and since then I haven’t recovered yet. Not after getting all these positive energy from her tunes. I guess I’m down with this fever for life!
The truth is, with Tasha, it’s always an overdose soaking deep on her music.

Moving on…

Heart. Passion.Pursuit. Is this title not enough for you to wanna grab an album/book/movie with this inscription on it?

The album is packed with 16 hot songs, and the most striking of all is “I’m getting ready,” not only because of the controversies surrounding it but I think it’s one great piece of a work! It is the lengthiest of all the songs on the album, and spans over a time period of 8minutes, 26seconds. I know right, that is long to the letter g but I bet it will even seem short once you have it plugged in!

Song Review

When an artist from the hip-hop sector links with a Gospel singer, two worlds of presumably shared fans mesh into one. However, the backlash might rear its head from time to time, like Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s current situation.

I’m getting ready is a collaborative track with Nicki Minaj. The uptempo melody, boasts lyrics of affirmation and unwavering faith, but for some fans of Gospel and Leonard, they couldn’t agree with Minaj’s appearance.

“I’ve seen the Nicki that is off the stage and that Nicki has a great relationship with God. My assignment with this song was for a particular audience,” Tasha said to an online source, Essence.

Truth be told, it is highly possible that some of Nicki’s listeners have never experienced God ever, and she exposed that audience in her way, to the God that she loves.

So to me this collaboration is something huge!

Tasha said that this partnership has served as a healing process for those she’s come into contact with.

“The testimonies that have come because of this – I would absolutely do it again. I’ve had thousands of people say to me, ‘This is the first time I’ve ever bought a gospel album’, ‘This is the first time I’ve ever felt God’. I didn’t believe in God until I heard this song.”

“Even though I think Nicki Minaj is far from a gospel artist, she still holds God close to her heart.” Says Tasha.

Away from the backlash, it doesn’t come as a surprise as the album rests comfortably on top of  billboard’s gospel charts.
Now I’m tempted to review every track on this album. Good Lord, it’s a powerhouse! But as said, will stick to three.

Have you noticed that Tasha’s songs are prophetic? This I know from her songs I’ve listened to and for that, it takes more than visuals to accept and claim the content of her songs in faith.

If you haven’t listened to the song yet. Do so and I’d be glad to know your view on it.

Keep this in mind also “Don’t be blinded by religious acts forgetting what Christianity actually is” my humble advise.

I bet you’re wondering how this collaboration went down right?
After tweeting that she(Nicki) wanted to work with Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Tasha opened her doors to her and so this historical collaboration happened.

And oh, did you know that in 2014 Minaj’s mom Carol Maraj recorded a gospel song “God’s Been Good.” Well, let me just leave it there.
But I do believe that there is something going on inside of her, it’s a process and we all can hope and pray that the God inside her will manifest outwardly.

Salvation isn’t a day process…we are all still working out our salvation till we are caught up together with all saints in the air to meet our King Jesus.
Till then, I say heaven is gonna be full of surprises.

Get ready to see something you’ve never seen. Can I get an amen somebody?

This song starts with one heck of a procession of a beat, depicting someone confidently walking up front to declare to a multitude of people, something they haven’t seen and anticipated yet so strong inside that they cannot hide but let go and accept its reality.

This song is full of hope!! Urges us on to get ready for an overflow, because it’s gonna be beyond our expectations.

Are you ready??

Receive it!
Listen to the song below

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