Today’s Fragrance : Do The Word

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves” James 1:22

Today we want to go beyond just hearing and believing but acting the Word!. We are being admonished by Apostle James in the Scripture above not to be hearers of the word only but be doers as well. 
Hearing the word, believing and then doing what it says is the way to make the word effective in your life. It’s not jsut enough to hear and believe, you must act on it, that way the word becomes flesh and is experienced/ seen wherever you go.

This is what faith is; acting on God’s word. We must understand that acting or doing the Word is proof that you believe it. Jesus said if you love me, keep my word (John 14:15). Christians professing love for Christ should mean that we are doing His word. Love has always been an action word than a saying word.

What will be the essence of the word if we don’t act it? we won’t experience the power in it.

we have been given the power and authority to do even greater works than Christ did only if we believe, and today we are being admonished to move a step further to actually do the word. 

That’s a way to utilize the power given us as believers of Christ.

God’s Word has creative power that comes into effect once ignited by the force of faith! So hearing the word produces faith in you, for faith comes by hearing; but acting on it causes our lives to move from Glory to Glory. 

Today as we hear and believe the Word of God, may the Holy spirit give us the strength and ability to put the Word to practice to the Glory of His name. Amen!!!

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