Today’s Fragrance: It’s Not About You Oh Man!

” For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.” Ps. 56:13. NIV

Have you perhaps tried asking yourself why amongst all who slept yesterday you were a part of the selected few seeing the brightness of the day? 
Do you think that visiting the gym often and eating good food is the reason why you recover fast after an ailment or even do not fall sick at all?
There is an important factor missing out if that’s the case.
As humans sometimes we try to turn attention to ourself neglecting the very reason for which victory came our way.
we overlook the grace of God on our lives and out of pride we tend to make it look as though we are better than people who have fallen prey to the negative schemes of the world and its ruler. 
Can I ask this? Sincerely do you think that you are really beyond falling? 
Naaa… it is only by grace you stand!

The Psalmist puts it across that you are alive and delivered not because of your special deeds but for a divine purpose and that purpose is that “you may walk before God in the light of life”. 
How is your dedication towards the things of God? God has greater plans for you but always remember that “ITS ALL ABOUT GOD” and not you or anyone else. 
Until you realize that you are nothing without him, you will remain an eternally unbalanced equation. Useful but for nothing.
God is the only one that makes our lives meaningful.
He saved us for a purpose, let’s not draw the attention from Him to ourselves.
Give Him the glory due him and do not boast in your works.
God hasn’t started with you yet, get ready for greater works and never forget man! It isn’t about you, not even for a second.
May God help us to walk before him even as we abide in him to fulfil our purpose here on earth in Jesus name, amen.

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