Walking in Love?

Ever been very disappointed in a friend or let down by a family? You still recall that moment that person offended you greatly so much that you didn’t want to ever hear from him ever again? 

And the other issue that took place that brought a little misunderstanding between you and your friend, that same issue you won’t leg go because you desire an apology but that friend also wouldn’t just budge!

Can you just pause for a moment and reflect on what God did for you? When we were soaked in sin, disobeyed Him in so many ways, He still looked pass that and brought us salvation so as to draw us closer to Himself.
So what’s your excuse my dear? You feel too big to make peace, because you didn’t start the trouble? it is not pride? Or what would you call it?
Our scripture today 1 John 4:16 tells us: “We have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”

Love sees beyond imperfection, and for this Love God saw beyond humanity’s imperfections in other to save us.

Love is the bottom line. Nothing counts without it. In short, you can’t progress spiritually or in your relationships until you get your love walk straight.

So often, our relationship with others prove to be catalysts that either forge us closer to God or harden our hearts drawing us away from Him… But the dynamic wheel of God’s love should empower and enable us to effectively handle our relationships in a Godly way—by expressing His kindness in the face of bitterness while continually relying on His presence and Word for comfort and truth.

You cannot give what you have not and so to walk in love you must receive it, and we only receive true love from God.

We must seek after Him, to experience or have an encounter with Love Himself to be able to walk in it.

The key to developing your love walk is wonderfully simple. You do it by maintaining a close relationship with God—fellowship with Him, Studying His word, praying and staying in union with Him. Doing this, His Love will flow through you to others naturally.

We all need to be reassured of the love others have for us, and we need to reassure others of our love for them.

Make that profound decision today that you will walk in love and that you will express words of love to your family and friends, and the good Lord will help you achieve it in Jesus name, Shalom!

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