Today’s Fragrance : God is Closer To The Broken-Hearted

“The Lord is close to the brokenheartedand saves those who are crushed in spirit”. Psalms 34:18

Are you struggling with the death of a dear one? Is it your mum, dad or a loved one (husband, wife, fiancé, fiancée, best friend)?
Have you been jilted by someone you entrusted your heart to?

Are you going through those alone moments that makes you think everyone has forgotten about you?

The truth is in your alone moments that is when you find true comfort.
Jesus is close to people who are broken hearted and crushed in spirit.
Remember that the very reason why God came down on earth in a human body was to give grace to the unable.

He loved us at our very worst.
And so if you think that your situation has driven everyone away from you look closer because the most important personality is closer than the hair on your skin.

Stop looking for solutions at wrong places and stop finding solace in things that last but for a moment.
Get fixed permanently.

Well, it looks like God loves “used” products… and so there is hope for you after all 😅. Even what the devil rejects God loves, you know why because you are His, and He formed you with His very hands out of love.

God needs your heart as long as it is willing, it does not matter if it has been shattered beyond repair or you think that your spirit is crushed beyond reviving? just trust in this God because He is more than able.
Just remember that whenever you feel at your lowest and it looks like everyone has dejected you that is when God is closest just speak to Him and watch Him turn your life around.
Which hands would you entrust your heart to? It is obvious the human hands have rather caused havoc than safe guarding.

He knows, and He sees the pain hidden deep in your soul (even the ones you are unaware of) and He is aware you have grown weary and do not even wish to live anymore but today I urge you not to look far for your salvation is just around you.
With His hands long stretched, He says…come and I will give you rest with a warm embrace.


*Father Lord I lay it bare to you, my hopeless situation, my shattered heart, please make meaning out of them in Jesus name, amen.*

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