Today’s Fragrance : The Shield of Faith

In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one”. Ephesians 6:16

 To stand firm against the enemy’s attacks, take up the shield of faith…
By God’s grace today also we’re tackling a piece of the armor of God which is Faith.
Here, the Apostle Paul pictures the believer in the heat of battle, with flaming arrows being directed to him. It’s a life and death situation. How will he survive? 
Paul’s answer is (Eph. 6:16), He means, When the enemy attacks, believers are to trust in God and His sure promises to block and quench the flaming arrows.
What can we say are the flaming arrows of the evil one the Apostle Paul talks about here?
They include all forms of temptations that’s common to us. It may be the temptation of pride and selfishness. Also the flaming arrows of discouragement, despair, and doubt. 

The flaming arrows of the evil one comes in diverse forms and one area the devil capitalizes on is the mind. He is crazy enough to pop up evil thoughts or images in our minds sometimes as you are praying or reading the Bible or worshiping God. You get a picture in your mind of a lustful image that seems to come out of nowhere but you had not been filling your mind with these things. 
In fact, you deliberately resisted the temptation to indulge in thinking about such things. And yet, this horrible evil suddenly comes into your mind, right as you are seeking the Lord. These are the flaming arrows of the evil one.
And very typical of the enemy, he will follow up the arrows with the accusation, “Ha! You call yourself a Christian, but look at how you’re thinking! Who do you think you’re fooling ?! You aren’t following Christ or you wouldn’t have thoughts like that!” He goes on and on…
How do you deal with this attack? You simply take up the shield of faith! But, what does that mean?
Faith here means the ability to apply quickly what we believe so as to repel everything the devil does or attempts to do to us.”
The shield protects us as we take refuge behind it.

Paul says that faith is our shield. And as long as we Stay behind the shield of faith we are safe!. 
The end of the matter this morning is this. As we read the Word of God, and believe what it says, and act upon it, we are living by faith. 
In times of uncertainties, we’ve got to doubt our doubts and believe our beliefs. 

Be reminded of God’s promise to never leave nor forsake you. And hold onto that firmly, In the end the word will prove itself in Jesus name, amen.

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