The Baggage

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Now don’t you think that the heart is like a ship sailing to a destination? It’s final destination should be on the island of the one who truly deserves it or who was designed by God to have it. However, most often for many reasons this ship lands on the wrong island.

How to avoid this?

The choice of people we get involved with and consider qualified to board the ship of our hearts are very much important.

Whenever the doors of our hearts are freely opened with no restrictions, all kinds of people get on-board. The interesting thing is that the heart is like a sticky pad, you cannot stick it somewhere and take it off having it the same as it was originally.

So whatever the case is, occupants leave a piece of themselves or loads in our heart(ship) as they get off.

Today, we have lots of people desiring to just be in relationships without even putting any thought to the kind of people they get involved with, as long as it’s pleasing to the eye it’s accepted. What happened to *GUARDING YOUR HEART* (Proverbs 4:23)

Now even when one sex begins to smile at the opposite sex quite frequently, intimacy begins to grow between both parties. This leads one party to think and imagine all sorts of things which might not even hold. In the meantime, EXPECTATIONS begin to rise and these hearts start sticking to each other….boom the “relationship” begins. But unfortunately Some end up  surviving barely after a year or even less.

As long as u get involved in numerous relationships, your heart[ship] gets overburdened with load from the crowd. And like a sticky pad, when you continue sticking it out it gets to a point where it looses its stickiness or as a ship it gets to a stage where the load overburdens the ship causing it to sink.

At this stage the person becomes confused about the true meaning of love and commitment and how it even feels to love. We have people today who because their ship[HEART] have more loads in it they can’t distinguish between who the right one is and who’s not. They sometimes want the next person to copy or pick up, behave or treat them as the previous persons did as a result of the pieces left behind in their hearts(ship) and when that expectation isn’t met, breakup happens.

The lesson to be learnt here is that, No two persons are the same. And also that precautions must be taken with regards to the people we get involved with.

The right person might be asking for a lift on your ship[heart] but since it’s loaded with unwanted goods, confusion sets in and you might end up unknowingly rejecting the right one.

Hope you’ve learnt something today, come by for more anytime.

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