“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book”. Psalm 56:8

The day I discovered this scripture my life changed the more!           For David to write this at a time when he was practically running for his life, speaks volumes. The scripture exhibits great trust and it echoes the truth that no matter what happens, God will remember His children and save them.I particularly love the message bible translation of this scripture which says that all the turning and tossing I did on my sleepless nights, He has records of it.
My dear friend reading this, I want to assure you today that you are not alone, and will never be.God is intimately concerned with every aspect of your life. Do you know why? Because God is love, and wherever love finds a need love speedily helps! 
God has the very hairs on your head numbered, yes! He knows the number that broke off whiles you combed your hair even today.
He definitely knows that tough situations bring out painful tears and in those moments my Father, our Father, God, He bottles our tears and the moments or situations that caused it is also scripted so that it becomes a constant reminder.
Can you imagine how God feels especially with people who are in constant pain and always crying?
The number of bottles and scripts God has written about you, which is serving as a constant reminder of your state? how do you think God feels when He sees those? 
Perhaps you don’t think God has feelings? The truth is that He becomes heartbroken because He does not wish for anyone to suffer.
I am young yes, but I’ve been through tough times and I still do but this very scripture has come alive in me. It gives me Hope Knowing that my Father cares this much about me and does not sleep just because He doesn’t want to miss a moment in my life.
What makes you think God has not seen all you are going through? The fact that you don’t see Him does not mean He isn’t there, He is, whether you feel it or not. That alone should push you through life. God is intentional about you, He cares deeply for you and He is working for your good.
Patience my dear, when the time is right your situation will turn around and you won’t remember those tears you shed but then God will still be keeping those shed tears. Trust in Him to be God and live in His grace to be a man.
Dear Lord, thank you for the life given me today and the assurance that you are with me. I cast all my burdens on you, and I’m trusting you to see me through in Jesus name, amen.

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