Hi there it’s been a while I shared a quote on here, so today I come your way with a power one!
God’s promises are like the stars, The darker the night the brighter they shine”.

To most people darkness has everything to do with evil and unworthy things, well that’s true but Darkness can also signify tough and painful moments, difficult times, times that everything goes wrong in your life.
Today I want to tune your mind to another direction.
That is to say even though all the celestial bodies have roles they play, it’s at specific times that we see their relevance even though they work at all times.

The sun is always on duty but we see and feel its impact during the day.
And even though the stars and the moon do not go on “leave”, it’s only in the night that we see its relevance.

So would you say because we don’t see it in the day, it’s irrelevant so we should pluck them off? No! only that we have to wait for the right time to feel its impact.

What I’m I driving at? Well I want to tell you that sometimes God allows us go through some tough moments but in those moments if we rely on Him we will shine bright like the stars in thick darkness.
God’s promises are yes and amen, so no matter what you go through, no matter how damaged and hopeless that situation looks, God will use it for His glory. You just need to endure a little while you wait on the right time.
Who knows, maybe you weren’t created to be a sun to shine at day but the star to shine at night. Don’t loose hope your time will definitely come and His promise will come alive for you. 

Never lose hope, Keep trusting in “The All Mighty God” He has said it and He will do it!

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