Thoughtful Tuesday

Hi people, It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I share a quote with you.

“God is working in ways you cannot understand. Never lose Hope”.

It is the desire of mothers to treat their kids to delicious delicacies, and looking at the children whiles they enjoy the meal, brings them much joy and peace.

God loves to prepare even more special delicacies for His Children.

And these Special meals take longer time to be prepared.

But mostly His children also lack the patience to wait for the special treat and prefer to be treated normal…

Sometimes you want your prayers answered immediately but looking back at another time you begin to thank God for that unanswered prayer.
When food isn’t well cooked and you get served just because you are too hungry to wait… You know what happens next.

This morning we are being reminded that patience is a golden virtue and it will be great, if we all possess it.

My dear, sometimes you don’t have to understand God, You just have to trust the Person you can’t seem to understand because In the end, all things will work for your good.


Image source: Google Images

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