Today’s fragrance: He will never walk away

Today’s fragrance by PapberryTopic: He never walks away

Scripture: Psalm 94:14

“GOD will never walk away from his people, never desert his precious people”.

Have you had any encounter where the people you trusted so much bailed on you unexpectedly?

Like at a crucial moments when you needed them to watch your back but they failed continuously?

That’s tough!

“When something is important or precious to you, you go all out to ensure that that thing is secured no matter what”.
Maybe your past experience with people has taught you hard lessons not to put your hope, faith and trust in any man or anything and because of that, you can very much relate to not putting all your eggs in any basket, in fact you’ve chosen to hold those eggs yourself.

But I can assure you that those eggs are not even safe in your own hands, after all you are also human and circumstances can force you to drop them.

I would rather entreat you to put those eggs( hope faith and trust) in the hands of Someone who is unaffected by circumstances…(God).

Humans will always be humans so give God the chance to be God in your life and once you Choose Him you are assured of safety because He will never walk away from you.

He is going to be with you through thick and thin and the minute you say, “I’m slipping, I’m falling,” His love, GOD, will hold you fast.



Father Lord, Thank you for today and the life you’ve given me. Please forgive my sins as I forgive others. Lord I choose to be with you so hold me fast and steady on this path in Jesus name, Amen.

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