Today’s fragrance:Seek God for Help

Today’s fragrance by Papberry

Topic: Seek God for Help

Scripture: Psalms 37:5

“Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass”.
I found myself in a completely new environment sometime ago and I was running late for an appointment so I had to resort to asking people I met for directions because I won’t make it on my own on time…
One thing I realized was that those people I asked even though they didn’t know the place I was going, they still gave me some direction and I don’t know whether they wanted me to be lost than I already was at that moment. 

I mean, I have no idea is just a simple phrase to use but no! they will dare give me answers even if it’s wrong.

But finally I realized I was heading in the right direction because I saw some signs but to be sure I asked someone else and the person directed me to where I was coming from …

This time around I just looked at him smiled and said thank you.

In my head I was like hell no!! Because obviously I’m coming from that direction and if that was the place I wouldn’t be here asking for directions again.

But finally I met someone who actually stayed in the Neighborhood and was familiar with where I was going so he helped me get back on track…

That day I practically learnt that not everyone that comes our way in the course of our life’s journey can be of help to us, some people will actually delay us and by the time we get to our intended destination that opportunity we were going for would be far gone or picked up by another.

Some will also lead us to the wrong places if we put so must trust in them.

I can relate this experience of mine to our journey here on this earth, sometimes we get lost and confused about lots of things and instead of seeking the One who made this world and everything in it including us, we ask strangers just like ourselves and we end up getting more confused and lost than we already are.
God says that commit your ways into His hands and He will establish it, so even before you set out to do something, get Him involved, ask him for directions so that you don’t find yourself in a dire situation which brings trouble rather than peace to you.
But even if you’ve already set out on that journey on your own it’s never too late… God is always ready to give us a hand if we ask…


Dear Father, Thank you for today and my life. Please forgive my sins as I forgive others. Lord I commit my ways and heart desires into your hands, help me fulfill them, a man’s heart plans his ways but you oh Lord directs our path so I put everything in your hands, lead me in Jesus name have I prayed with thanksgiving, amen.

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4 thoughts on “Today’s fragrance:Seek God for Help

  1. It is only when a believer commit everything that he or she is doing before the lord and diligently seeks for God first in everything rather than humanity ,then God says he is ready to do all your heart desire and ready to answer all your prayers

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