Today’s fragrance : Seeking God

Today’s fragrance by papberry 

Topic: seeking God

Scripture: Psalms 42:1

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God”.

I’ve come across people who think seeking God is like going to school and graduating.
Well, I must say that even if your whole lifetime is dedicated to seeking Him, you will never finish knowing Him because He is infinite and it’s like He comes in layers, which means you might end up using eternity to unwrap just a single layer!

So those of you who are on “leave” because you think the totally of God is limited in words scripted in books, you are really missing out because there is actually much more for you to experience and discover than you already have!
King David, a man God himself described as after His own heart was never satisfied with the depth he had reached in the Lord but rather he eagerly strived to receive more of Him. Maybe because he knew going deeper will get him deeper revelation and more so getting the kind of intimacy he desired, sensing His presence in every step took. 

Even after finding God he didn’t stop there, and we all can attest according to scripture, the marvelous things God did, for, with and through him!

When Genuine love exists among people it draws them one to the another and no matter how much time you spend together, you never get tired and want more and more!

Anyone who genuinely seeks the love of God and gets to experience it always pants for more!

So what is the reason for you seeking God? Do you want a relationship with him or you just want to “use” him to get what you want?
Have you stopped seeking Him because you’ve got what what you sought Him for?

There is more to God than your present “needs” don’t be blinded by them and miss out on all His awesomeness!



Thank you Lord for gifting me with life today. Please forgive my sins as I forgive others. Lord I want to know you more therefore I open myself up to you, I decrease Lord, that you may increase in me. Teach me your ways as you draw me closer to you in Jesus name have I prayed with thanksgiving, amen.

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12 thoughts on “Today’s fragrance : Seeking God

  1. As always! An amazing and very inspiring post. I believe this message is a timely one. And you stressed on valid points. God bless you. Truly we take seeking God as though it was a supermarket where we go once a week or once a month to buy what we think we need and leave. Love it! Bless you dear.


  2. This makes me think of those who feel they only need to go to church services until they are “grown ups.” In other words, church is like school. Kids go until they graduate and then they stop going…no more to learn.

    God is not like that, and fellowship and worship is something to be had for an entire lifetime. Good post, Pap!


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