Strength in Weakness

A powerful message!! Do read and be blessed.

Salt My Words

Recently, I read a story by Harvey Mackay about a 10-year-old boy named Mark.  Mark had lost his left arm in an automobile accident, but still wanted to study Judo.  After 3 months had passed, he questioned his Japanese Judo Master about only learning one move.  His master said that was the only move he’d ever need to know.  Well, he didn’t understand it, but didn’t question it further. 

A few months later, still faithfully practicing his one move daily, Mark entered his first tournament.  He quickly won the first two matches.  He had to work a little, focus a little more, but won the third match.  Now in the finals, Mark’s opponent was bigger, stronger, more experienced, but eventually also made the same mistake of stepping into the sequence that would allow Mark to use his one move to pin him…

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