Today’s fragrance: Your need has been catered for.

Today’s fragrance by Papberry 

Topic: Your need has been catered for 

Scripture: Luke 19:4

“So he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore-fig tree to see him, since Jesus was coming that way”.

Many times in our lives we feel cut off from the rest because we feel we lack certain things.
We make those things place us at disadvantaged positions but today I’m here to announce to you that your need has already been catered for.

Maybe you don’t see yourself pretty or handsome enough and you don’t see yourself having some qualities to fit in society.  But did you ever read about zacchaeus?

That short man wasn’t even considered someone who had the chance to meet Jesus because of his sinful nature but aside that how would he have even meet Jesus when he was surround by giants considering his size…

many times Jesus was surrounded by a large crowd and it would be difficult to penetrate to get to him.
But when the time was right for him to be saved, his size nor his attitude mattered less for God had already made provision for that life changing encounter “The sycamore- fig tree”.
Long before zacchaeus could meet Jesus Jesus, that tree was already planted to meet his need at that particular time.
So my dear, your need has been long provided just that you have to leave that zone in which find yourself, run ahead, move from those people who make it seem as if your dream will never be realized and find your “Tree”. That tree has been purposely planted to meet your need.



1.Thank God for your life.

2.Ask for forgiveness of sin.

3.Present your requests to Him.

4. Thank Him for hearing and answering your prayer in Jesus name, amen.

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10 thoughts on “Today’s fragrance: Your need has been catered for.

  1. Amen, sis! In the name Jesus. I see the tree; I am running to climb it to reach my Savior. Often, I feel short in life- not smart enough, charming enough, witty enough, so I often panic in social situations. But today, in the name Jesus, I will take hold of the provision God has laid before me and place myself in Jesus’ view. In Jesus’ presence is where the healing begins and ends. It is also where those giants in my life shrink back down to size. Beautiful post, sis! Blessings!

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