Let’s pray 

Good morning to you my lovely family…
I hope you are all doing well by the grace of God.

So as we do every weekend, today is no exception so we are praying.

In my closet today today I want to remember all of you in prayer.

Join me as we intercede for our nations and believers  in the world being persecuted, that God’s grace should abound in whatever situation  they are facing currently so that they don’t give up.

I strongly believe in corporate prayers because there is power in unity, also because one puts 1000 to flight but two, 10,000.

Join me in prayer today.

You can also send your personal requests via Papberryofficial@gmail.com or simply drop them in the comment box.

When we sincerely pray God hears and meets us at our point of need.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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