Thoughtful Tuesday

Hello therešŸ˜Š

It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I’m Sharing a quote with you.

“Prayer is not an option for the believer”.

Many believers resort to prayers when things hit their dead ends but this isn’t supposed to be the case.

Prayer is a necessity to fulfill God’s purpose in the world and in our individual lives, so if we fail to pray, we are failing to fulfill our role in His purpose.

You failing to pray does not affect the purpose of God but you personally, because God’s purpose will eventually be established with or without your cooperation.

We all have roles to play in the purpose of God, and maybe you think you are the only one to perform certain tasks but remember that God never lacks so if you fail to pray he will find someone else who will agree with his plans.

Let your mentality for prayer change today, because your life depends on it.

You don’t have to feel like it before doing it, we sometimes eat and drink water not because we are hungry and thirsty but because we want to maintain a health body.

Apply this to your prayer life and enrich your spiritual health as you watch things change for the better.

Don’t get it twisted my dear,

Time spent in prayer is never wasted so do more, invest in it!!



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