Thoughtful Tuesday

Hello friends…

So it’s a thoughtful Tuesday and I’m sharing a quote with you today.


“You become what you listen to and what you think”.

The things we see and hear can affect us positively or negatively.

What you listen and keeping watching consequently becomes your thoughts, speech, intentions and actions.

The more you allow people tell you that you are nothing, it gets into your head and it constantly becomes a part of you. As you keep thinking about those words, finally you bring them out.

Don’t let anyone walk into your mind with their dirty feet! They will destroy you. They will limit you and make you less of who you really are.

Rather think about honorable things, focus on good and shun evil!

May I suggest a great book to you?The word of God (the bible).
Meditate on that and see how your life gets transformed.


Image source: Google images


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