Let’s pray

Hello friends, I hope we are doing very well by the grace of God.

It’s a Saturday and we are still praying.

The year is still very young and we have to pray our way through it. 

So today as usual I’m gonna help you all in prayer so if you’ve got some unfinished business that you need to end just send me an email via papberryofficial@gmail.com and let’s do justice to those situations, remember prayer is key.

I want us to still pray for more oil for this journey so that we don’t get stranded half way through the journey.

If there are any preparations to do, now is the time.

You need to completely clear the land if you haven’t before you can begin planting…

May God be our helper even in these times.


Image source: Google images


2 thoughts on “Let’s pray

  1. Father I thank you for the seven horns of oil! (Rev 1:4; Rev 4:5; Rev 5:6), seven eyes, seven torches of fire; the seven spirits of God from your throne Abba! Father! We love you Father! We choose to be like the five wise virgins full of oil!!!!!!! the Lamb as our lamp! Christ’s glory as our light! We arise and shine!
    “The LORD will be your everlasting light; and your God will be you glory!” Isaiah 60:16

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