Sunday Note

Hello my dear friends…

A little note from Papberry to you on a solemn Sunday.

God is not calling us this morning to go to church but rather He is calling unto us to be His church, the hope of the world.

So if the structure believers gather together in, to worship God isn’t really the church but the individual bodies forms it, then this morning listen to what the Spirit says to the church.

God will not move through the church without moving through individuals because individuals make up the church and so as you prepare for service, Go with a sincere heart ready to give and also to receive from God.

Rid yourself off anything that will prevent you from receiving from God. Do not leave the same way you went, be sure to add up to what you have.

As the church of God, you have an important role to play because you are the hope of the world. Let the world see Jesus in all you do. The way you go about your worship, your dressing and speech speaks volumes so let those lead people to God.

So don’t just go to church, be the church! Even as you walk or ride to church… Let someone experience God’s love through you, His church.

Have a glorious Sunday.

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