Thoughtful Tuesday

Hey therešŸ˜…

How are you treating the new year already?

it’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I’m still sharing a quote with you.

” when we put God first, all things will fall into their proper place”.

This is pretty simple but I want you to take note of these words in the quote. ALL THINGS and PROPER PLACE.

Sometimes certain things fit into certain places by mere coincidence, but it’s dangerous because you begin taking rest knowing that all is well but actually all is not. Things are in place but not in their proper place.

If a thing is in its proper place it means that, that is where it is meant to be. So all measures have been put in place to protect and support that thing and that thing functions excellently too. So no matter the kind of storm that comes in, that thing will be safe. But if it’s just in place, there might be nothing holding it together so whatever happens will carry that thing along afterall that thing was placed there by mere coincidence.

So today the little word I have for you all is to put God first if you want everything about you to fall into its proper place this year. He is the only One with the ability of putting things in their proper place, but if you doubt, refresh your mind with the orderliness of God’s creations. God is the Nucleus and He holds all things together properly.


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