Today’ fragrance: First things first.

Today’s fragrance by Papberry 

Topic : First things first

Main text : Matthew 6:33

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.

It is most likely to continue doing what you started the year with in the first month, so it is very necessary to start right.

We serve a God of order, follow His order and you are safe but if you start at “A” and you want to get to Z without ever crossing “B” and his “Companions” then you are in for a shocker. God could have made everything in a day but He didn’t to show us something.

No two things can receive the same attention that’s why we prioritize to make sure who or what deserves the most attention is given just that.
But there is a constant in every equation that sometimes you won’t realize its relevance but one thing is, without it the equation can never be balanced.

That constant is Jesus, you leave Him out and your life will never be balanced.

So what are you starting the year with?

Great builders build reliable pillars on firm and solid foundations so that it can hold everything together. If your pillar is weak, in no time the whole structure will come crumbling down when pressure mounts up or there is a slight shift.

We are going on a long journey which will take 365 days, it will be easier if we knew exactly what to expect, but the road isn’t straight so we only see some few meters ahead. 
We have One who sees the end from the beginning and He promises to be with us through the journey. Is it not good news? So why ain’t we chasing after this sweet offer?

With Him we need no shock absorbers for the most comfortable place to be is found in Him. With Him we need no pain killers, just touching a tip of his cloak relieves us of every pain. We will always be in a comfortable lead with Him. Whatever we need to survive is in Him.

So putting first things first, we must earnestly seek God first. Giving Him first place in our lives means He is our first resort not our last option.

If God is the manger of the entire universe and there has never been a conflict in the things He manages, do you think putting your life in His care will get you into relegation because performance will be poor? Never!

It is time to prioritize, it is time to put first things first.

I recommend Jesus as your Manger, trust Him enough to put Him incharge and you will never regret this.

If your focus is on Jesus, striving to understand and imitate Him, then all other things will fall into place without struggle.
Unconsciously and consciously we transfer all the goodies we receive from Him into other aspects of our lives.

And you know that from the beginning, everything God made He ensured that it was perfect before allowing to exist.

Will you be defective or imperfect if you are learning from a perfectionist?


Father Lord, thank you for this day and my life. Please forgive my errors as I forgive all who sin against me. Father, I give myself away take me through this journey and continue to teach me your ways so I don’t sway off the right path and I ask for more grace to carry me through in Jesus name, amen.
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9 thoughts on “Today’ fragrance: First things first.

  1. This post!! I found myself wanting to save sections in my notes on my phone, and honestly, i saved the whole post. i needed to read this so bad. your writing is like food to me. i am always so filled up when i read your posts. God bless you. i love love love this!

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