Thoughtful Tuesday.

Hello everyone, it’s the last Tuesday of the year 2016,and I’m glad for I’m sharing something very important today that we all need to remember going into a new year.

I trust you are well by grace.

Let’s get going then…

“God is not an option, He is a necessity“.

Before the foundations of the earth was laid, God existed.

He has always been the real deal and not some backup plan.

Remember that without Him, nothing was made that has been made.

God is a necessity, He is a must-have. We more than need Him to survive. He is not some spare tyre that we only remember when our existing tyre gets flat.

If you want things to go well for you and with you, then you better start with Him to avoid all the stress associated with cooking without the main ingredient, even water will taste better than that food even though water is tasteless.

So let it be known to you and the world that the real deal is God first and other things will be added not the other way.

God is a necessity not an option!


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