Today’s fragrance: Don’t be impatient, wait for it

Today’s fragrance by Papberry Topic: Don’t be impatient, wait Main text: Psalm 27:13-14

Countless times the enemy plotted against you but guess what? You are reading this post, meaning you are alive!

The year has almost ended, I can vividly recall how I danced my heart out on the 31st of December 2015, how i Couldn’t just jump enough to show God that I’m indeed grateful, but it looks like the end of this year has come too quick yet it’s struggles and hard times never passed as fast as the days itself, and it all seem to me like yesterday!

Very soon we will usher into our lives a compulsory friend named 2017 whiles we say farewell to our very own 2016.

It’s a mixture of feelings…

Some are excited about it, others sad and yet another batch is indifferent.
This post is to you, who feels like your life this year has been nothing short of misery, failure, misunderstanding, and all the negatives you can think of.

Maybe you are thinking you have been waiting for that break for far too long, but read this!

If you are alive today then indeed His love covers you! He wouldn’t have brought you this far if He had nothing for you.

So don’t be impatient, wait on the Lord, the fact that everyone seem to be over speeding and catching all the attention on the high way doesn’t mean you should try it! Inexperience could kill you, so relax and patiently wait on God to finish working on you, and when He is done there is no stopping you or crashing when you hit the highway!

The next time you hear the word impatience speaking to you, analyze it well because it actually means I’m patient and live by it.

God’s got you, 2016 is just a year like the ones passed and ones to come, they will all pass away and be forgotten anyways so why not focus on God? Who is the definition of eternity if you want that too.

I want you to personalize this scripture below by fitting your name in it and speaking it out loud to yourself till you get it into your mind and spirit!

You will see God’s goodness whiles you are alive not dead!! If you havnt then somebody, you are not dying yet, so wait for it!

Psalm 27:13-14
Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness
 while I am here in the land of the living. Wait patiently for the Lord.
 Be brave and courageous.
 Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.


Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for today, my life and this word. Please forgive my sins even as I forgive all who sin against me. Lord even though it is extremely difficult to wait whiles others seem to be on the move, I want to trust you the more for your word is always yay and amen so please grant me a greater grace to help me through my wait period. I want to boldly stand by your word even though sometimes my mind tells me otherwise so help me Lord in Jesus name have I prayed with thanksgiving, Amen. 

2 thoughts on “Today’s fragrance: Don’t be impatient, wait for it

  1. I have learned over time that I cannot force things. I try my best, push a little, but if there’s a bit of resistance I step back for a time. Then, after awhile I might try again. If there is still resistance I know it’s not my time. Great post!

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