Thoughtful Tuesday


How are you doing today?

It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday so let’s get started with that quote already! 

“God releases More of His power and presence according to the measure of our hunger of Him”

Invest wisely at the right places and your benefits will be enormous! But how do you know that a place is the right one? By researching into that field, that extra ingredient you added, (researching) puts you ahead of lots of lazy people.
Critical thinkers and dissatisfied people always receive deep insights on whatever they fix their eyes on because they go beyond the surface level to dig deeper, remember that precious minerals are found deeper in the soil, the more you break barriers, the higher your chances of getting what you earnestly seek.

What I’m driving at is that, deep and hidden secrets are not revealed to shallow minds, it’s a waste of effort because they will handle it with no sense of urgency ’cause they never worked hard for that piece of information.

Hence today’s quote.

I don’t know if you have ever been hungry before and you still remained at the same spot even though you knew where to find food, expecting the food to find you instead…
Please if you have, did Mr. Food walk up to you?

God is indeed Unsearchable yet knowable. Meaning you have no excuse!
You cannot know Him by yourself unless by revelation, so if you go hungry and thirsty for Him as in a dry land where no water and food is, you go the extra mile to dig deeper and search harder, because to find water in an arid place is no joke.

So if you want God’s power to be released upon you, then you must make yourself available at all times. Try to stay as close to the Lord as you can, immersing yourself in his Word and the flow of the Holy Spirit every day. 

You are a hungry man, go get that food!! Don’t starve to death because of laziness. Even if there are barriers in your way to getting the food, your perseverance and determination alone will push you further and our Father in heaven who sees and knows your struggles will reward you duly with that food.

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