Thoughful Tuesday


It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and as you already know, it’s time to share a quote with you so here you go…

“Don’t tell God you have a BIG PROBLEM, tell your problem you have a BIG GOD”.

For some reason beyond comprehension everything about God seems to be big, huge, wide, large…(you can add up ’cause for me I’m choked on the right words to use) yet in His vastness we don’t get lost but rather find abundance of mercies, grace, favor and love.

The question here is How do you see God? Do you see Him before all things and above all things?

I tell you this truth that the way you see God is how much you are going to receive from Him.

If you see Him to be small, well, you will look foward to receiving things in that range but if you see Him as One who holds the entire universe in the palm of His hands then man! You are in for something unimaginable!

So tell me, what is it that you have allowed to take charge of your life?

Are you still complaining to God about your problem? Making Him look as if He is incapable?

I think there should be a reverse right about now, you must be able to man up if you know the kind of God you serve and face that trouble head on!!

Speak the Word into that situation.

He has put enough power in your mouth to speak life into that situation because His Word is life.

Let that situation you facing right now know the power at work in you is greater and has already conquered all things including that situation!!

Stay positive till we meet again,


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