Today’s Fragrance: Stop feeding on expired goods

Today’s Fragrance by Papberry

Topic: Stop feeding on expired goods.

Main Text: Lamentations 3:22-24

22 God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. 23 They’re created new every morning. How great your faithfulness! 24 I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over). He’s all I’ve got left. (MSG)

There is always this bad news hovering around not feeding well. Not getting a balanced diet into your system results in somewhat dire health consequences. Aside the physical evidence of stunted growth, one also becomes prone to all kind of diseases.

Feeding on expired goods doesn’t necessarily kill you, but the suffering is close enough though. The intensity of the suffering depends on how “expired” the expired product is and how often you take that in.

Can you just stand the odor of a spoilt milk or egg? And can you just close your eyes and hold your nose whiles you constantly take them in just because you are hungry?

Do you drink water from gutters just because you are thirsty?

I certainly cannot but I don’t know about you though.

The food that has grown moldy in the kitchen ends up most times in the trash can because that’s the safest place for it to be than the human system!

My point exactly is that a lot of people are feeding on dead and expired situations and that’s affecting them in all angles because those are poisinous  situations.

What happened in your past is only good for your past, the only good about it is that you need the experience from that to make today a better one, assuring a brighter tomorrow.

We learn from the past by picking the good things and improving upon them after that we send the waste into the trash can. Just like what we sometimes do to the bread that has grown molds, sometimes peeling off the moldy covering leaves you with something good inside that can be fed on.

What do we see now? people are still feeding on moldy situations and those situations keeps poisoning them everyday!

when you eat expired food it results in food poisoning and one of its symptoms is diarrhea and that is what people are battling with everyday.

feeding on your painful “expired”past gives you situation poisoning and with that you end up being dehydrated most of the time because you’ve got diarrhea.

How on earth can a human being who is regularly dehydrated be productive enough to do something positive for himself and others?

Today I urge you to take a bold step, you who is holding onto the sour past, if you can throw that moldy rice into the trash cos you can’t stand the sight of it, then say no to situation poisoning!

Stop feeding on your expired past and move on feeding on fresh and good food everyday.

Remember my dear, that the mercies of our Lord is new every morning and if you are willing, He will drop manna from heaven every morning for you to depend on for the day.

Everything has a season! Don’t hold onto what is no longer relevant and miss what God has for you now.



Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for the gift of life.I humbly ask for forgiveness of sins even as I forgive those who sin against me. Father help me let go of my painful past, I have tried but my strength has never been sufficient so I keep going back. Today I give you permission to lead me out Lord, I am willing so please help me. Thank you for hearing me in Jesus name, amen.



7 thoughts on “Today’s Fragrance: Stop feeding on expired goods

  1. ◾◾What happened in your past is only good for your past, the only good about it is that you need the experience from that to make today a better one, assuring a brighter tomorrow.◾◾◾

    Thanks Papberry… Good Morning to You

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