Thankful Thursday

Hello favored one of God, how are you doing today?

For me I am super excited!!

Is it not amazing to welcome a new month on a thankful Thursday?

In case you don’t know what day today is, let me tell you.

It is 1st December 2016!!!

Do you remember what you said on 1st January 2016?

Let me remind you.”so when will we get to December and how are we gonna get there?”

Well, God has been too good to us, even though some didn’t make it you are still alive, have you no cause to be thankful to God?

For a start, there are so many things God has done for me, in me and through me and from the depths of my heart I say thank you Father, for everything!! I cannot begin to count them for they are uncountable!!

I am not the same as i entered into 2016, I am exiting in grand style into different dimensions in the fast approaching new year.

His praise shall continually be on my lips.

What do you have to tell God on this day? It’s a special edition of Thankful Thursday.

Let God feel you in the comment box or if you’ve got a special testimony you want the world to hear, send to me via and I will do just that.

The Lord who has given us the grace to sail through 11 months will lead us safely through this last month and into a new year. Continue trusting in Him for He is more than able!!

Happy new month to you all with love from Papberry.


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