Today’s fragrance: Mum got saved too

Today’s Fragrance by Papberry

Topic: Mum got saved too

Main text: Matthew 5:16

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

 I went out with my mum and on our way back as we sat in the “trotro”, within moments a friend of mine came on board as well.

it was time for the “mate” to start taking the fare and my friend looked back and asked, are you alone?

I’m with mum, I replied, and he said okay.

The next moment I realized, he had paid for both of us.

After that kind gesture my mum was smiling and I said in my head, see the way you are enjoying “grace”, something she had not worked for, but just because she was with me or she knew me, she got saved!

Most often during evangelism sessions we say things like come to Jesus because He loves you and when He saves you, your entire family gets saved too just like the scenario described above.

Now this message does not mean that one can buy or attain salvation for the other.

Salvation is and will forever be one man for Himself God for us all, meaning you must do the believing in Jesus yourself and after that have a personal relationship with him.

what we mean by that statement is that as the bible says believers are the salt and light of the world, and so you being the person saved in your family means, you are that one unique light shining in the darkness, even flies, incapable of thinking are attracted immediately to light when it appears in darkness and overshadows it.

so by being salty (tasty and relevant) shining bright and making manifest the goodness and love of God daily, your family will be caught up wanting to find out the secret behind your glow and because you already know Jesus, it will be easy to introduce Him to them so they will all be saved.

Your family members will be saved like my mum and will enjoy the goodness in Jesus Christ, Christ has already paid everything we owed and will ever owe in a lifetime, and He has eternally conquered the devil, sin and every darkness.

so once you believe in Him and are linked to Him, you just enjoy the products of His finished works, free of charge , that is grace!

Get to know Jesus and save another soul today by letting your light shine and being relevant in Gods kingdom.



Father in the name of Jesus thanks for today.I humbly ask for forgiveness of sins even as I forgive those who sin against me lord to be an example of you in my generation and to let my light shine so bright without going dim so to lead souls to you to be saved.thank you for hearing me in Jesus name, Amen.



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