Thoughtful Tuesday

Hello dearies, how is the week going so far?

I bless God for today. I’m excited ’cause I get to share a quote with you as I do on Tuesdays.

here we go…

“Everything is subject to change except God Himself”.

It doesn’t matter if you are super rich today or dead poor, it can change overnight!

It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping in a 4 bedroom house today, you might be sleeping in a single room (coffin) tomorrow.

No one knows tomorrow except the One who owns it.

The only thing permanent in existence is God Himself. 

How then must we live our lives?We must live our lives with this in mind that we are just but clay in the hands of the potter, and He chooses what to mold us into. The earlier we understand that ourlives does not belong to us but Him, the better.

God is the only One who can turn your mess into a miracle and consequently send that as a message to doubters.
So by saying everything is subject to change, I mean EVERYTHING. Your problems and your current hurdles they are all just for a moment, never permanent!!
So think right, speak right, live right and put your trust in the right place, God, because He is the only one who can give you a peaceful permanent place of rest.



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