Today’s Fragrance: Have you got a seal?


Today’s Fragrance by Papberry

Topic: Have you got a seal?

Main Text: Ephesians 1:13

 And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit.

We live in a world where for convenience sake, fake has become the new original. There are so many imitated goods on the market these days that manufacturers have made it a point to seal their products to ensure authenticity and to also make sure that purchasers or consumers are not cheated consequently.

The fact that there are so many fake goods around shows that indeed there is an original somewhere, but the question here is, how do you know a product is fake if you have no idea what the original looks like?

There is only one manufacturer (Jesus Christ) of the product salvation, and He gives or distributes to His customers only, you become one’s customer when trust is established. Just as any product on the market, the product salvation also comes at a cost but the only difference is that you buy this product not with money but with the currency of faith.

How can one believe in the manufacturer and accept the products He offers…faith, and so believing gets you sealed as an original product.

My point exactly is that, once we were fake products( unbelievers) on the market( world) with no seal (Holy Spirit) but because Jesus( Manufacturer) came to die for our sins, we have been redeemed from the camp of our fake master , now because we have a new Master there must be something to show that we are of Him and are authentic products (believers) hence the Holy Spirit.

So when you believe in Jesus Christ, you become sealed with the Holy Spirit, He marks and separates you from the fake products on the market. This also means that the seal is what is to be looked out for when our Master Jesus returns for His own.

So the big question here is DO YOU HAVE A SEAL?

If not, say this prayer below with me.



Father in the Name of Jesus, Thank you for my life and this message you have given me today. I humbly ask that you would forgive my sins as I forgive those who sin against me.Thank you for finding me today because i am tired of being a fake, i have realized that cannot guarantee me eternal life so i give myself away, i accept you as my Lord, wash and seal me with your precious Holy  Spirit,that as you return for your own, i will not be left out in Jesus name have i prayed with thanksgiving, amen.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Fragrance: Have you got a seal?

  1. A very good post today, Pap! Through Jesus we are certified as genuine children of God by faith and the works that our faith leads us to do. Good insights!



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