Dear Father

It feels as if I’m just speaking into the thin air.
So I ask, Please can you hear me?
With the tears rolling down my cheeks gradually filling my mouth, I am unable to speak, but that doesn’t matter right?
Because you know my heart and you know it’s in deep pain.

You said I shouldn’t be afraid but I am afraid, Infact I am horror-struck.
You said amidst the violent storm, there you are with me,
But I’m drowning, why has the storm overshadowed me?

You said I should be glad always but today even the sky frowns at me, how do I smile?
I feel alone in this space you made.
I need to know that you are with me and on my side.
My strength is gradually leaving me and my hope fading…

Have you forgotten your very own?
You said you would never leave nor forsake me, but these words I see far away from me.
I am lost in the desert where no water nor food is.
A miracle in this place is what I look forward to.

Though you said you cause water to flow out of the desert, I am dying of thirst.
I’m not saying you lied to me.
All I am saying is that, I am lost and I hope I get found by no one but You!


32 thoughts on “Dear Father

  1. This prayer reflects the feelings of many young folks I’m sure! We need to remember God’s promise that He will never leave nor forsake His own…(Hebrews 13:5).

    Nice job!


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