Testimony/Thankful Thursday


Hi dearies, how are you faring today?

It’s thankful/Testimony Thursday and I’m excited about it because the stories we share here are impacting lives. God bless you all for being a part of Papberry’s world of possibilities.

Always remember that, that testimony you holding back is actually delaying someone from being released from a prison he is locked in.

Want to be a part of this? Contact me via papberryofficial@gmail.com and let’s bless lives.

So today a sister called Sandra Issaka wants to thank God for what He has done and here it goes…

“I want to thank God for the life of my brother and his friends who were attacked by bees last Friday. They survived it with without any harm coming to them even after being stung by more than 50 bees. Especially my brother who was attacked more. Praise be to God, and God bless you all for your prayers amen.”

“I, as papberry want to thank God for the lives of my followers, family and friends, we go through lots of challenges yet we are not consumed because of a Mighty hand Covering us, all glory and honor be unto God forever. Amen.”

Let’s feel your presence in the comment box or better still via mail, share for His glory.

Till we meet again, blessings.


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